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Can I hire someone with an H1B visa Can I hire someone with an H1B visa? Can I hire someone with an H-1B visa. You can hire an individual who already has an H-1B visa. What you...

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How to bring spouse to USA How to Bring Spouse to USA How to bring your spouse to the USA. This video is for U.S. citizens who are filing green card applications on behalf of...

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Can I get an E2 visa with a franchise business? Can I get an E2 visa with a franchise business? The good news is yes, you can get an E2 visa with a franchise business. It doesn't really matter...

Employment visas
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E2 Visa Requirements for investors Types of businesses investments that get E2 visas I use the E2 visa when people are trying to come into the US to invest in a smaller business. They'll...

H1B Visa
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H1B pre registration deadline 2021 Preregistration Deadline The H1B pre registration deadline for 2021 is fast approaching. The application period starts March 9th and it ends March 25th. So this is it guys. You...

H1B Visa
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H1B Without Bachelor Degree Under normal circumstances, you would have a U.S. four-year bachelor's degree, or if your degree is not from the U.S., it would be a degree that's equivalent to a...

H1B Visa
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Who Needs To File H1B An Extension And When

H1B Validity Period H1B extensions. Who needs to file them, and when do they need to file them? The H1B status is valid for three years. When an employer sponsors...

H1B Visa
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H1B Visa Requirements Some Basic H1B Visa Requirements To Consider The H1B visa application has numerous requirements that are associated with it. I'm going to run through a few basic requirements that...

Employment visas
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H1B Visa Process 2021 What does the H1B visa process look like for an employer that's filing an H1B on behalf of an employee that has never held H1B status before? The process...

Pay attention to I-94 card
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Pay Attention To I-94 Card Hey, Rahim with Dhanani law firm. I wanted to go over the I-94 card with you guys, because I think it's an important thing to pay attention to. A...

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