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United States Green Cards
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Green Card Then Divorce Hi, Rahim Dhanani with Dhanani Law Firm. Today, we're going to be talking about what happens if you filed for a marriage green card application and received the green...

USCIS marriage interview
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USCIS Marriage Interview Hi Rahim Dhanani with The Dhanani Law Firm. Today, we're going to be talking about the USCIS adjustment of status interview for married couples. What goes on at the...

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Items To Include In Your Marriage Adjustment Application Hi, Rahim Dhanani with The Dhanani Law Firm. Today, we're going to be talking about marriage based green card applications and what evidence the immigration service looks at...

United States Green Cards
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5 Documents USCIS Sends Marriage Green Card Applicants

[embedyt][/embedyt]   After you file your marriage-based application for adjustment of status there are several items that you should expect USCIS to send to you.  This is a general...

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COVID-19 and US immigration changes

The spread of the Covid-19 virus throughout the world has caused massive changes in the ways that people are living and conducting business.  US immigration is no exception.  Below are...

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Rahim Dhanani speaker at AILA Atlanta

Rahim Dhanani was a panelist at the American Immigration Lawyers Association Atlanta Chapter annual conference last week.

Atlanta Immigration Lawyer
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GeorgiaTrend Magazine 2018 Legal Elite in Immigration Law

I'm happy to announce that I was selected as a Legal Elite in Immigration Law by GeorgiaTrend Magazine.  This is the third year that I have been selected for the...

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InfoPass is ending

  InfoPass is ending. USCIS announced in an October 30, 2018 memorandum that it is replacing InfoPass with the Information Services Modernization Program. What is InfoPass? Currently, if you have questions...

Employment visas
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H-1B premium processing suspension extended and expanded

Several months ago, USCIS announced that it was suspending premium processing for 2019 H-1B cap petitions.  It also announced at the time that the suspension would last until September 10,...

Skilled immigrants
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How and why the US dominates the skilled immigrant market

In this Washington Post article columnist, Andrew Van Dam, provides some eye opening statistics on US immigration and how the United States has "Cornered the market for skilled immigrants".  Among the...

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