Notario fraud

A sad reality of the American immigration process is that immigrants are sometimes taken advantage of.  One common way that this happens is when immigrants put their immigration status and their lives in the hands of unqualified people who are not licensed to practice law.  These unlicensed predators are commonly known as “notarios” in the immigration law community.  Notarios often-times prepare immigration documents on behalf of unsuspecting immigrants without thoroughly understanding the legal implication of what they are doing.  The results can be tragic, resulting in deportation and separation from family in the United States.  Sadly, notarios are often only interested in taking the immigrant’s money and could care less as to the outcome of the immigrant’s case.  Since the notario is not licensed to practice law, the immigrant is left with little recourse when s/he is defrauded by the notario.

Protect yourself and your immigrant friends and family from notario fraud.  To learn more about notario fraud and how to protect yourself visit is sponsored by the American Immigration Lawyers Association and is provided as a public service to the immigrant community.

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