H-1B Specialty Occupations

An H-1B petition is used by companies to employ foreign nationals in specialty occupations. Generally, specialty occupations are occupations that require specialized knowledge and attainment of a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in a field related to the job offered.

What types of positions typically qualify as specialty occupations?

H-1B specialty occupations are typically professional in nature.  For example, doctors, engineers, architects, computer programmers and accountants could theoretically qualify as H-1B specialty occupations.

How long can an employee stay in H-1B status?

H-1B status is valid for three years and can be renewed for an additional three year period (six years total).  In some cases a foreign national may extend their H-1B status beyond the six year maximum.

Does the employee need a U.S. bachelors degree to qualify for H-1B status?

A foreign national may qualify for H-1B status if their foreign degree is determined to be equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree.  In addition, it may also be possible in some cases to show that the foreign national’s combined work experience is equivalent to a four year US bachelors degree.

When can an employer begin applying for H-1B status?

For employees who have never held H-1B status, an employer may file an H-1B petition on behalf of the foreign national beginning April 1 of each year.  Once approved, the prospective employee may begin working in H-1B status on or after October 1 of the year that H-1B petition was filed.

How long does an employee in H-1B status have to wait before working for a new employer?

If the employee is currently on H-1B status, a new employer may file a change of employer H-1B petition and begin employing the worker upon filing the petition with USCIS and without having an approval notice in hand.  If the change of employer H-1B petition is eventually denied, the employee may not continue to work for the new employer.

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