L-1A Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager

L-1A status can be issued to Executives and Managers who will come to the US to work in an Executive or Managerial capacity for a United States branch, subsidiary, parent or affiliate office of a foreign company. L-1A visa holders are also able to apply for lawful permanent resident status without going through the PERM process.

To qualify for L-1A status:

1. Your overseas company must have a: branch, subsidiary, affiliate or parent office in the US.

2. The US company and the overseas company must continue to do business throughout the duration of employee’s L-1A status.

3. Your employee is coming to the US to serve as an Executive or Manager in the US.

4. The employee must have worked for the overseas company for at least one out of the past three years.

How long can an employee stay in L-1A status?

An L-1A Executive or Manager can remain in the US for up to seven years in L-1A status. The initial status is valid for three years. For new offices in the US, the initial L-1A status is valid for one year.

Can my spouse work legally in the US while I am in L-1A status?

Yes, the spouse of an L-1A employee will be given L-2 status. Individuals in L-2 status are eligible to apply for an employment authorization document.

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