Can I hire someone with an H1B visa

Can I hire someone with an H1B visa?

Can I hire someone with an H-1B visa. You can hire an individual who already has an H-1B visa. What you have to do is if you’re a new employer, you have to file a new H-1B application on behalf of the employee that you want to transfer over to your company. This is called an H-1B transfer.

So,  it is possible to do it. You also have to make sure that the job that you’re offering is related to the individual’s credentials. For example, if you’re in engineering company, then you would, be able to sponsor an engineer for an H-1B, but it wouldn’t probably make sense for an engineering company to hire an accountant for example, unless it was something where you have an in-house accountant that you, need to sponsor so that they can do more long-term work inside your company.

But typically it’s the employer has a job offer that’s related to the employee’s degree. So if you can kind of meet that somewhat basic requirement, then it is possible to hire an H-1B worker who already has an H-1B and bring them over to your company. But again, remember that you actually have to file another H-1B application on behalf of that employee. I hope that’s helpful. Take care.

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