Fiancé (e) Visa

FiancÈ/FiancÈe Visa

In some cases, couples eventually want to get married, but prefer to have their partner enter the US as a fiancé(e) and then have a wedding ceremony a short time after that.  Fortunately, the US immigration system allows couples to do this through the K-1 visa program. 


A US citizen is permitted to file a K-1 fiancé(e) for their partner while the partner is overseas, or in the US.  The process involves initially filing an application with USCIS.  If USCIS approves the application and the fiancé(e) is overseas, another set of applications will need to be filed with the US State Department’s National Visa Center and then finally with the appropriate embassy or consulate.  If the fiancé(e) is currently in the US and you are changing their status to K-1 from another immigration status, you will most likely only be filing applications with USCIS.  In either case, after the K-1 status or visa is approved, the couple has ninety days to get married.  After getting married, the couple must next file an application for Adjustment of Status (hyperlink to Adjustment of Status page) with USCIS.

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