Form I-90 replacement green card applications can now be filed using mobile devices

hand holding an iphone

USCIS announced on July 25, 2017 that it now has the capacity to allow people to fill out Form I-90 and upload evidence using a mobile device.  Normally when your green card is about to expire you would fill out a USCIS Form I-90 and mail it in to USCIS along with relevant documents in order to get a new permanent resident card.  USCIS also offered the option to file the I-90 online using a computer or laptop for several years and continues to do so.  USCIS recently redesigned the online Form I-90 so that it is mobile-responsive and provides an “…intuitive method for answering questions, navigating through sections, and uploading evidence on a mobile device.”  They also suggest using your phone to take photos of your evidence and uploading it from the phone into the USCIS database. 

The mobile device option is only available if you are not using the services of an attorney or accredited representative.  If your case is pretty straight-forward (no legal issues that would cause delay or deportation), and you are comfortable with uploading personal information using your phone, it might be worth trying.  To file the application using a mobile device you first need to create an account online at

The I-90 appears to be the only USCIS Form that is available for mobile device processing.  It remains to be seen whether USCIS is able to expand similar offerings for other Forms.

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