Green card interview backlog will happen soon

People waiting in a long line

Anyone holding a nonimmigrant visa (for example: H1B, L1A, TN) who applies for a green card through employment will now be required to appear at USCIS for a personal interview before the green card will be issued.  USCIS has not required in-person interviews for employment based green card applicants for almost a decade (possibly longer).  The Trump administration is implementing this policy as part of the President’s extreme vetting policy signed in his immigration executive order.  The policy will cause more delays in the issuance of green cards to foreign nationals.  USCIS will become more and more backlogged as the employment based green card interviews work their way through the system.  The irony is that USCIS initially did away with employment-based interviews because they were viewed as a waste of time.  More details can be found by clicking the link to this article from

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