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Business Immigration

We assist small to mid-sized companies in obtaining employment-based visas for foreign workers they want to hire and bring to the U.S. and for foreign nationals already working in the U.S.


Family Immigration

Are you seeking permanent residence in the U.S. through marriage, relatives or the green card lottery? Want to become an American citizen and sponsor your family members seeking a green card? We can guide you through the process.


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A Dedicated Immigration Law Firm

If you’ve looked into acquiring a visa to the U.S., you already know the immigration process is highly complex. Applications and compliance forms must be meticulously completed, and the various steps required by U.S. law must be followed to the letter.

Whether you’re an individual seeking a green card, or a company in need of work permits for foreign national employees, the filing process can be overwhelming.  That’s where the Dhanani Law Firm comes in.

For more than a decade, Dhanani Law Firm has focused on one area of law exclusively – U.S. immigration and nationality law.  As specialists, we know the intricacies of immigration procedures and can provide expert guidance based on solid experience.

Dhanani Law Firm uses the latest strategies to successfully navigate the complexities of U.S. immigration policies in the following areas:

  • Business Visas (E2, H1B, L1, O1, TN, etc.)
  • Individual and Family Visas (consular processing and adjustment of status, K-1 fiancé, etc.)

Personalized Legal Counsel

While large law firms may have an immigration division staffed with paralegals to handle your application, we offer the agility and personalized service only a small, independent law practice can deliver.

When you choose Dhanani Law Firm, a senior attorney will provide you with effective and dependable counsel.   You’ll get advice tailored to your unique needs.  And you can be confident all facets of your application process will comply with the very latest U.S. immigration laws  and requirements.

How We Work With You

At Dhanani Law Firm, we are skilled in analyzing your immigration situation and developing creative solutions for even the most complex challenges.

Attorney Rahim Dhanani has practiced immigration law exclusively for almost twenty years.  He will review your case, set the strategy, explain the process and answer your questions.  We file all immigration paperwork for you and communicate with the immigration service on your behalf.  We also work on a flat-fee basis.  You’ll know in advance the costs involved.  No surprises.  The process is spelled out for you in the beginning so you know exactly what to expect.

For your convenience, we use an online case management system that allows you to complete questionnaires, upload documents and track the progress of your case at any time and from any location that has internet access.

Serving Individuals & Businesses Nationwide

Dhanani Law is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  However, because U.S. immigration law is based on federal law rather than state law, we’re able to assist with your immigration case no matter where you’re located in the U.S. or the world.

We can help you:

  • Obtain a nonimmigrant visa or attain permanent residence through marriage, relatives, employment, investments, and the green card lottery.
  • Become an American citizen and sponsor your family members seeking a green card.
  • Obtain employment-based visas for your foreign workers and foreign nationals currently working in the United States.

Personal Commitment to the Practice of U.S. Immigration Law

Dhanani Law Firm was founded by Atlanta immigration lawyer Rahim Dhanani. Rahim has practiced immigration law for almost twenty years.  His passion for helping others immigrate to the U.S. is deeply connected to his roots. His parents emigrated from Bangladesh, seeking the American dream for themselves and their children.

A graduate of Emory University’s prestigious law school, Rahim is immensely appreciative of the opportunities he’s had in America.   He has chosen to dedicate his career to helping others who seek a path to U.S. citizenship.  His commitment to immigration law has been recognized by several organizations including avvo, three best rated and Georgia Trend Magazine.  Rahim has written several articles on immigration law and regularly speaks to groups about immigration topics.  His law firm isn’t just a business; it’s a personal mission.

Contact the Dhanani Law Firm Today

We are deeply committed to providing you with the highest level of professional legal services.  Your immigration situation will be analyzed by a senior immigration attorney who will recommend how to proceed and tell you up front what it will cost.

If you have an immigration question or need assistance with any aspect of U.S. immigration and nationality law, contact us in our Atlanta office to discuss your situation today.  Call us at (404) 593-0434 or use the contact us form on this page.